The Team

Who We Are

We are a group of female artists, physicians, and healers who use our traditional dances to perform stories of healthcare inequity.

We are activists who believe that diversity in healthcare stories should be represented by diverse women through diverse traditional dances, empowering communities while reminding medicine of the power of movement, music, and true stories. 

We are Aseemkala and we are excited to build the world of dance-based narrative medicine together with you!

Shilpa Darivemula, MD, Creative Director and Founder


Rohini Bhatia, MD, Research and Fellowship Director


Sriya Bhumi, MD, MBA, Content Director


Moondil Jahan, BA, MS Candidate, Core Research Fellow


Kritika Amanjee, MBA, MD Candidate, Core Research Fellow


Virali Shah, MBA, MD Candidate, Core Research Fellow


Supraja Chittari, BS, PhD Candidate, Core Choreography Fellow


Jenn Pamela Chowdhury, BA, Core Advisor