Understanding Identity and Improving Health Literacy Through Traditional Dance

Our two projects in Peru focus on understanding indigenous identity and politics through traditional dance workshops with traditional Afroperuano dancers of Danzas Afroperuanas in Lima and also with young indigenous Shipibo women in Pucallpa.

With the help of the American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene, we were able to conduct a series of workshops in Yarinacocha, near Pucallpa, on sexual health for Shipibo women and young girls. Thanks to the work of Alianza Arkana, we are training Shipibo women to be community health workers and to collaborate with the local physicians to get their pap smears, HPV vaccinations, and contraception access. Our workshops use traditional arts, dance, and acting to improve health literacy on menstrual cycles, pregnancy, and cervical cancer.

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Adú Proyecto Universal, Lima
Alianza Arkana, Pucallpa

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“El Encuentro Nuevo” Performance of Kuchipudi and Marinera


Bena Jema Women’s Sexual Health Workshops 2018


Pap Smear Campaign 2018


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Koshi Ainbobo in Bena Jema: Women’s Health Workshops and Developing a Community Health Worker Program