The Choreography and Research Fellows

The Aseemkala Initiative aims to provide a platform for ideas, dialogue, and creativity using traditional arts and dance to address issues of health inequity in healthcare.

We are proud to introduce our fellows of both choreography and research to our team each year.

Each fellow uses the year to cultivate a project of their choosing, with support from our board of directors after a rigorous selection process.

Please meet our incredible fellows below!

Fellow Class of 2022-2023

Dr. Monica Shah, Choreography

Dr. Nithya Ramesh, Research

Dr. Sloka Iyengar, Choreography

Prema Vyas, Research

Shreya Ramanathan, Choreography

Fellow Class of 2021-2022

Fellow Class of 2020-2021

Nikhitha Yakkanti

Lindsay Winters

Ruta Uttarkar

Leila Mire

Harini Sridhar

Fellows 2019-2020

Sebulime Elisha Davis

Trishala Shah

Alice Stella

Fellows 2018-2019

Teresa Cuevas

Shradha Chhabria

Haritha Sisthla

Sophia Salingaros

Moondil Jahan

Questions regarding this fellowship can be answered here.