Exploring Self-Esteem Through Dance Performance for Young Girls

Our project in Khamlia, a Gnaoua village near Merzouga’s desert, involved choreographing contemporary classical Indian dance pieces for a village performance by the participants.

Our participants were eager young girls between 8 and 11 years old who learned three pieces, painted jewelry with their chosen positive words in Arabic, created paper bracelets with symbols that represent themselves, and turned their traditional djalebbas into sarees.

Mahjoub ait Hammi co-led the class and with the help of many created the stage near the school for the final performance. The girls performed the pieces for their families and friends for the very first time!

Per participant’s request, we cannot show the final show videos. However, here are a few photos of our leaders and dancers practicing and the final show. 

Our Project

Gnaoua Traditional Dance from Khamlia

Learn more about Gnaoua music and dance below!


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