Content Director and Board Member: Dr. Sriya Bhumi


Sriya is a medical student who is professionally trained in Bharathanayam and Kuchipudi. Her passion began at the age of 5 under the tutelage of Smt. Satya Pradeep at Nritya Saagaram Dance Academy. Her passion accelerated her to complete her arangethram (graduation performance) at the age of 10 years old in Hyderabad, India.


Over the years, she has felt the need to give these ancient dance forms a voice by showcasing it to various communities. She has performed in multiple prestigious venues including the United Nations, Columbia University, National Telugu conferences, and Union College where she was on the Indian Dance Team, Union Payal, the Bhangra team, and the Union Dance team. During her time at Union College, she worked with Shilpa Darivemula on her senior project- Anamika. This was a production on human trafficking displayed through ballet, Kuchipudi, and praise dancing.


Since starting medical school at Albany Medical College, she has found the dance form through yoga and meditation. She has had the opportunity to conduct dance workshops for peers and younger dance students.

Currently, Sriya is an Internal Medicine Resident Physician at University of Connecticut and has presented Aseemkala’s research papers at conferences across the country. She continues as Aseemkala’s Content Director, managing publicity and social media outreach for Aseemkala’s movement and is thrilled to spread the word about the crossroads between dance, art, and medicine.