Board Members: Kritika Amanjee, MD Candidate, MBA


Kritika Amanjee is a medical student at Albany Medical College. She attended Union College and Clarkson University as a member of the Leadership in Medicine Program, recieving her MBA in Healthcare Management before starting medical school. She has been practicing and performing the Indian classical dance form known as Bharatanatyam for over fifteen years. In college, she was active in choreography and performance of various South Asian dance forms, including Bharatnatyam, classical fusion. dance styles, and bhangra. 

amwho-kritiKritika has always had a passion for global health. She was a co-founder of the American Mock World Health Organization chapter at Union College, creating a medium through which Union students could pursue their passion for public health and engage in meaningful discussions with other students of mutual interests. Kritika participated in the 2016 Winter Youth Assembly at the United Nations in New York City, where she was able to explore health ideas and trends and even share them in her Huffington Post publication. She interned at the Global Health and Human Rights Institute at SUNY Albany in 2016, working on their projects to address inequities in education and healthcare structures globally. 

story_posterIn 2017, she joined as a dancer for Aseemkala, an organization that strives to use traditional dance to spread awareness on stories about healthcare inequality. She helped to organize and perform in Tripura’s Birth and is excited to continue helping move the mission of this work forward. She currently helps with research and idea development for our research fellows this year. Her professional passion is public health and global medicine, where she hopes to make a difference in medically underserved areas of the world and hopes to explore ways in which traditional arts can play a role in achieving true impact. She currently works on research projects with Aseemkala. She has participated in the study and advocacy of the creative arts in medical education. She hopes that creative exploration through art and music will be an integral component of learning compassion and empathy in medicine.