Our goal is to create a single hub of resources focusing on the intersections between cultural arts and medicine. Our interns, Maymunah Ahmed and Rubab Raza, are curating and developing this database, adding in changemakers, local ideas, podcasts, videos, and articles on this growing field. We hope this hub serves as a foundation for asking and answering questions on how to decolonize and reimagine the voices of color and their arts in medical settings. This is a constant work in progress.

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Culture and Religion in Medicine

Religion and Mental Health: The Case of American Muslims on JSTOR: Islam teaches Muslims to create a balance between their faith (worshipping God, praying, etc) and the material culture of their surroundings by controlling certain desires in order to achieve good mental health. The Qur’an is very open about this and more about the well being of Muslims. Also, this article talked about the leading causes of stressors/mental health amongst American Muslims which include an identity crisis and a sense of alienation because of how Muslim Americans face challenging aspects from food to clothes and how children especially are fixed into the mainstream culture and are distanced from their culture.

Mindfulness in Salah Prayer and its Association with Mental Health on JSTOR:  This article actually did a study to see how it would help Muslims. And the results were very intriguing, indicating that those who offer prayer regularly and with mindfulness have better mental health as compared with those who don’t offer it regularly and with the mind.

Religion and Disparities: Considering the Influences of Islam on the Health of American Muslims on JSTOR:  This article goes into their idea of researching different ways to deal with health in our religion by still abiding by religious values.

Racism and Resistance in Cultural Dance and Arts

Decolonizing Dance Pedagogy: Application of Pedagogies of Ugandan Traditional Dances in Formal Dance Education: Journal of Dance Education: Vol 15, No 4 (

Black Dance and the Fight for Flight: Sabar and the Transformation and Cultural Significance of Dance from West Africa to Black America (1960-2010) on JSTOR


Race, Bioethics, and Public Health Project | Yale Interdisciplinary Center for Bioethics

Stories of Black Womanhood Negotiated in the Dance Studio Thesis Paper

Social justice and queer activism in India – Daraja Press

Indigenous Healing Dances, Cultures, and Arts

Indigenous Native American Healing Traditions ( This article focuses on the healing traditions of Native Americans. It mentions how music, dance, and community plays a huge role in the healing energy of the patient. The article also speaks about the importance of integrating indigenous medical practices into modern medicine. 

Shamanism, Music, and Healing in Two Contrasting South American Cultural Areas – Oxford Handbooks: This research paper focuses on the diversity of South American culture. The author shows how important shamans and musical healing practices are between two different tribes. The article also shows how spirituality and cultural arts like music plays a big role in medicine

Culture and biomedical care in Africa: The influence of culture on biomedical care in a traditional African society, Nigeria, West Africa ( This article focuses on how traditional methods for treating diseases are big in Nigeria. The researchers bring to light how important it is for health-care systems to understand the socio-cultural construct of the places they are in and integrating that into medicine

Clinical Interventions with Cultural Arts

Gale OneFile: Health and Medicine – Document – Capoeira as a clinical intervention: addressing adolescent aggression with Brazilian martial arts

Asian Dance/Movement Therapy Educators’ Experiences of Teaching Dance/Movement Therapy in East Asia after Training in the US | Semantic Scholar

Why Stanford’s medical students dance, draw, write, play music and make films | Stanford Medicine