Dance and Public Art On the White Coat

White coats have been symbols of the honor, dignity, and responsibility in the field of medicine. The white coats are conferred upon first year medical students as an induction to their own journeys towards becoming compassionate healers. The coats evolve with the training, from short, birght white color, and clean to long, marked with pens and sweat, powerful coats of experience and wisdom. The white coat is a canvas for the story of women in medicine who wear them–a superwoman’s cape if you will.

Studio AMWA, Aseemkala, and Doctors Who Create present “Superwomen in White Coats: What does the coat mean to you?” public art project.


The final coats were presented at the 102nd AMWA conference in San Francisco. Below are photos of the beautiful and creative coats!

Shilpa also created a Kuchipudi video dance using the white coat designed by Albany Medical College. This piece was presented as the Artist In Residence performance at the AMWA conference.



White Coat Dance Youtube Video Link