Waiting Room Street Performance 2014

Collaborators: Taandika Essawa’s Spyda MC and Taye, Nilotika Band, the Bavubuka Dynasty, Christine Michelle, Winnie Nansumba, Esther Mbabazi, Berlin, Justine, Raz Kasozi,  and Gilbert Daniels

Directors: Spyda MC and Shilpa

This flash street performance in the center of the Namuwongo slum, with a three phase dance piece, was inspired by the many waiting rooms in the free clinics run in Namuwongo. The first part was of the youth talking about a time they were in the waiting room. Some shared stories of their parents being ill or of being ill themselves. The waiting room becomes full with stories of despair, fear, and powerlessness. Then the rappers enter, using spoken word in the indigenous Luganda language to tell the patients that they were more than they realized, that their weakness was their strength and they needed to realize their power. Finally, Jaja Lutaya stands up and reminds them of proverbs from the Baganda people on health and the importance of community to overcome sickness. The power to heal, he says, has always been within us.

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Clip of Show, March 2014

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