Traditional Dance Exchange Workshops

Traditional Dance Exchange Workshops during the Thomas Watson Fellowship occurred at incredible places. One of the most memorable was at the Kampot Cultural school, where dancers and musicians were made from young kids. They taught me the complex hand gestures of Cambodian Classical Dance and I shared Kuchipudi movements. These exchanges formed the medium through which I explored traditional medicines, the role of environment and women in dances and societies, and how all affected their health through their traditional dance.

I was also able to work with the famous ADÚ Proyecto Universal and the  amazing group of acrobatic dancers in the company. We were able to make small choreographies called Encounters where Kuchipudi and Marinera Limeña were choreographing a conversation between two foreigners. I was able to watch the company perform various rhythmic traditional Peruvian dances, such as the Marinera, zapateo peruana, chicha music, and the music of the box drum, including the amazing Sigo Siendo performance. Antonio Vilchez, the director, showcased a few workshops of Kuchipudi dance.  Other exchanges in Peru included CEACA and the Casa de Pepe Villalobos and with Maestra Alejandra Ambukka.

Exchanges occurred in the Daauw Home of the kind, resilient, and creative Hmong People of Laos,in Pucallpa, Peru with the amazing Alianza Arkana organization and the Shipibo people of the Amazon, Kampala,Uganda with the Bavubuka Dynasty, Insiemme Si Pudo, and Sosolye Dance Academy, and in Khamlia, Morocco.

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