Choreography Fellow 2018-2019: Dr. Haritha Sishtla

CaptureHaritha has been training in Bharatanatyam since the age of five under Dr. Sudha Raj in Syracuse, NY. From a young age, dance formed her creative and emotional outlet, teaching her both discipline and precision.

Haritha completed her Arangethram in June 2016 prior to starting at Union College in the Leadership in Medicine program. She continued to dance and headed the college dance team, Union Payal.

Haritha is currently a fourth year Obstetrics and Gynecology resident at Albany Medical Center. She states, ” After I started medical school and then residency, I lost the relationship with dance, but always yearned to incorporate back into my life”. She continues to learn this traditional art form with Dr. Sudha Raj and Mrs. Rekha Balaji  and looks forward to choreographing this year with Aseemkala.

What is the relationship between dance and medicine?

” As I come to my final year of residency, I think back to all of my patient encounters and clinical experiences in my training. Often times, we can get so consumed by the medical and clinical knowledge we have that we forget to consider our patients as human beings. The reality is that we are taking care of a life, even two in the world of Obstetrics. That care of life can be expressed through dance”. 

– Haritha Sishtla

How do you believe dance can improve medical care?

“Using dance as a creative outlet, I want to focus my attention on understanding these aspects of patient care, being more patient with my patients, and providing the appropriate and holistic care they deserve. I want to continue to spread this awareness to the rest of the medical community as my medical practice continues to grow.”

-Haritha Sishtla