On August 6th, The Aseemkala Initiative will join a powerful lineup of performers at Sakhi for South Asian Women’s “Third Annual Gender Justice & The Arts: An Asian American Showcase”.

Founded in 1989, Sakhi for South Asian Women is a community-based organization in the New York metropolitan area committed to ending violence against women. Aseemkala fully supports their extraordinary work and vision to create strong and healthy communities for women.

Jenn Pamela Chowdhury and Sophia Salingaros will perform “Bagalamukhi’s Words”, a spoken word-Kuchipudi choreography performance.

Tickets can be purchased here:  https://bit.ly/2LnNpmM ($20 on registration | $25 at the door)



We are thrilled to announce that we will be presenting the Aseemkala Initiative at the national conference of the American Public Health Association Conference in San Diego, CA in November! Check out our lecture on Tuesday at 3 PM as a part of the lecture series on “International Perspective in Integrative, Complementary, and Traditional Health Practices”.

We also have one of our research projects on improving cervical cancer literacy using the arts being shared as a poster on the same day! Congratulations to our partner in this research endeavor, Alianza Arkana!

Here is a video recorded by Alianza Arkana’s Women and Youth Program Coordinator, Macarena Arias on our workshops in Bena Jema. 



Rohini Bhatia and Shilpa Darivemula of the Aseemkala Initiative presented Sati’s Surgery at the conference to a room full of amazing physicians and students. It was a wonderful experience.

Shilpa also presented her White Coat Dance for her AMWA Artist in Residence presentation. She also helped to organize the White Coat Installation at the conference.



What an amazing experience to perform and speak with activists from all walks of life! It was an honor to be a part of this collaborative effort. Below is a raw video of the piece and the video of the surgical process. Thank you to Tom Block and Julia Levine for allowing Sati’s Surgery to be shared. Thank you to Dan and Cathy Manjunath of the PSCCC and to Hanan for all recordings!


The Aseemkala Initiative is excited to present the first piece of our Mahavidyas in Medicine series, Sati’s Surgery, at the International Human Rights Arts Festival on March 3, 2017 from 6-7:30 PM.


Please come and visit us as we share our work with this incredible community!

Aseemakala is excited to partner with the International Human Rights and Arts Festival Team to bring four new pieces of the Mahavidyas in Medicine series to New York City!

We are excited to work with Supraja Chittari, Sophia Salingaros, Jenn Chowdhury, and Arhant Rao to bring Tara’s (Dis)Ability, Bhairavi’s Addiction, Bagala’s Words, and Kamala’s Mind to the Opera Studio on April 8th!

We are even more excited to say that the show has SOLD OUT!

Thank you all for your loving support. We are excited to see you on Sunday!