Choreography Fellow 2021-2022: Dr.Rhoda Moise

Photo Credit: Michel

Rhoda Moise, Ph.D. (DrRho) is an internationally trained integrative molecular epidemiologist
and multi-media artist with Haitian roots. Born and raised in Philadelphia, PA, she learned
the values of resilience, education, and community from an early age. As a child, she witnessed
first-hand impacts of chronic disease on her family and community group, and the need for
better education and access to healthcare as well as artistic expression as healing outlets.
Throughout grade school and college, she trained in dance spanning Modern, Jazz, and Hip-
Hop, African, and Afrobeat as well as acting including the Vagina Monologues and For Colored
Girls. In 2015, she graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Biobehavioral Health with
minors in Biology and Health Policy and Administration. Her experience in chronic disease
knowledge, management, and prevention in the US and abroad include Senegal, Philadelphia
(Haitian immigrants), and Thailand where she also learned traditional dance and meditation

In 2019, she earned her Ph.D. from University of Miami by applying quantitative, geospatial,
and qualitative analyses to explore healthcare access and decision making of groups of African
ancestry in St. Marc, Haiti and Miami, Florida. During her time in Miami, she also trained in
traditional Brazilian and Haitian dance. She continues to merge passions for science and art by
sharing stories of global impact. Rhoda (DrRho) is most proud of her facilitation skills in hosting and sharing healing workshops applying ecological theory to lifestyle practices (e.g., gardening,
dance, yoga, and soccer) in diverse settings including US, Haiti, and Rwanda.

Credit: Woosler

How do Traditional Arts and Medicine combine?

In the words of Dr. Maya Angelou, there’s no greater pain than harboring an untold story inside of you. As an artist and scientist, I delight in all opportunities, such as this fellowship, to continue exercising my storytelling with the world in a cohesive format by curating exhibitions and engineering
solutions for health and wellness.

Choreography Proposal

I envision crafting a cultural expression on healthcare stories using traditional Haitian Folkloric
Dance. My art will take the audience on a journey from pain to joy, juxtaposing the extremes in
healing from traumatic experiences. I have the necessary experience in filming, directing, and
editing to complete this fellowship, but also look forward to the support provided through
developmental aspects such as meetings and artistic publications facilitated by the program. I
will engage local and global communities through interviews and integrating their stories into
the performance piece. As a community-based scientist and artist, I will iteratively fine tune the
piece with their feedback. I will also intentionally include them in the presentation of the
ultimate finished work as I have done previously.

Previous Performances with Aseemkala

Reimagining Medicine Festival at Dartmouth Geisel Medical School, 2021

Performing her final choreography piece at the International Human Rights and Arts Festival in NYC, 2021
Rhoda Moise’s Final Fellowship Piece, 2022